"Everybody's Favorite Cousin"DJ Cousin Bruce

The concept is something of a suburban phenomenon; a mature reinvention of the over-thirties crowd that still takes place in hotels and halls from all over the country. Here in Sussex County, Delaware we have a larger crowd of older citizens who are very active and too young for the senior center. As clubbers get older, the goal posts keep moving, and nights like these are a welcome slice of safe dancing fun not too far from home. To others, as one person pointed out, it sounds as fun as an old time sock hop. Perhaps they'd fancy a night out where the music is just as fresh as in their youth. And for that we have nights like our 50's dance show (any genre party). You can dance to any era that attracts you to a dance floor-focused crowd to our eclectic spread of music.

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There is more to it than the dance its the experience you will feel.We welcome older clubbers but first we are setting out to attract them by making it a welcome venue for everybody. Our focus is definitely on the music and the e xperience, but the nature of that means that we're aimed at a slightly older crowd, but it's not an old crowd. Maybe I'd call it "grown up clubbing". It's something I call a Dance Party FOR ALL AGES, MUSIC AND TASTE FROM ROCK TO COUNTRY.

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