"Isn't it about time..for a Dance Party".


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A PARTY CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION ON COST AVAILABILTY AND LOCATION. Presently we work out of Sussex County Delaware and the surrounding area.

Our Dance Party also offers a themed party where if you want to enjoy the sounds of Bobby Rydell, The Driftersor even the Dubs it can be possible. If you want Elvis the Capris, Jimmy Clanton or Doo Wop I have them all in a full catalog. If you want any era in music history from the 50' to the 90's we are sure to please covering songs from Billboards top 100 hits including some obscured numbers that you have forgotten all about which is a big part of the fun at the Dance Party. If you are an oldie but goodie and have rockin' pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie flu the 50' thru 60's would be a sure cure. Maybe you love the nightlife and crave the disco scene well you will be staying alive at a disco party theme dance (sorry no disco ball yet) . Never Fear we also offer the top songs of today just like everyone else! What it really is about is having fun and enjoying yourself and that is the main goal of our entertainment at an affordable cost because lets face it it is fun for me too to have happy customers on the dance floor. These are some of the possible choices you will find with us at The Dance Party,” Isn’t it about time!”


Who we are

The concept is something of a suburban phenomenon; a mature reinvention of the over-thirties crowd that still takes place in hotels and halls from all over the country. Here in Sussex County, Delaware we have a larger crowd of older citizens who are very active and too young for the senior center. As clubbers get older, the goal posts keep moving, and nights like these are a welcome slice of safe dancing fun not too far from home. To others, as one person pointed out, it sounds as fun as an old time sock hop. Perhaps they'd fancy a night out where the music is just as fresh as in their youth. And for that we have nights like our 50's to 80's dance show. You can dance to any era that attracts you to a dance floor-focused crowd to our eclectic spread of music. We welcome older clubbers but first we are setting out to attract them by making it a welcome venue for everybody. Our focus is definitely on the music and the e xperience, but the nature of that means that we're aimed at a slightly older crowd, b ut it's not an old crowd. Maybe I'd call it "grown up clubbing". It's not about a thousand 21 to 25-year-olds wearing sunglasses in a warehouse listening to Hot Creation records. That's pretty exciting if you're 21 to 25, but we offer musical authenticity in a more intimate setting, allowing for a more personal party.' And one with a guarantee that it won't turn into a smashing rave by the end Still, with the increasing number of older people living in our area and want to go out to a club what choice is there going to be. The fact is that "senior clubbers" go out far more rarely only because there is nowhere to go; the Dance Party will attract a reliable market. If you want to go out more, you need to go out more.' So, you might just be pleasantly surprised by what you find at the Dance Party.We are l ooking to start this remarkable venture right here in Sussex County, please support us and come see a truly inventive activity coming your way soon! Whether you are enjoying the music or dancing the night away you will be sure to have a great time at the "DANCE PARTY"!

What we offer

A bit of history

One of the most popular dances from the 1950s was the Twist. This infamous dance was the inspiration of Chubby Checker’s original 1960s hit song, and it could regularly be seen on American Bandstand. Many of the most popular dances from the 1950s, such as the Jitterbug, the Cha-cha, and the Lindy Hop, were thought of as group dances rather than single couples’ dances. The Lindy Hop, a swing dance that first appeared in New York, is a unique stile of movement that combines elements of both partner and solo dances. The basic step used by Lindy dancers is called the swing out. Each dancer performs alone in the open position then the couple comes together to dance. It wasn't long before Elvis would appear on stage, singing and swinging his hips! The music and dances from the 1950s and 60s started a new style and form of expression for North American youth. Dance from this era has influenced movies like Grease and Hairspray, and music videos like Christina Aguilera's Candyman..

I’m Bruce McKinney aka DJ Cousin Bruce. Not to be confused with my idol Cousin Brucie . They called me Cousin Bruce after Cousin Brucie Morrow” from back in the days of WABC . What a better way to bring back the oldies but play homage to “Cousin Brucie”. A Delaware native I have always enjoyed radio and DJ work. In the 70’s I worked at a small radio station in Tennessee where I attended college and was part of the campus station WPTL in Greeneville Tenn. I found out after retiring I knew way too much useless Trivial information and a big part of it was music ,especially older music. So why not do something with it ...people older than 40 enjoy dancing but where can you go ….so the Dance Party was born..

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