"Isn't it about time..for a Dance Party".


Awesome Products

We offer a full line of music of any genre (oldies, motown, country, rock and Billboards top 100) suitable for your occasion. Whether it is an anniversary,reunion, birthday, wedding or backyard event we are sure to have your style and taste in music. We can do school functions, clubs and other groups made to suit. Whether you want an old time "Sock Hop" ,Disco or todays sounds we can fit the bill at a reasonable cost thats affordable.

One thing we do supply is help in raising money .If you need a DJ to supply music for a benefit we are available as long as it does not conflict with a scheduled event and it is a legitimate charity and function. This is DJ Cousin Bruce's way of giving to the community.

Fantastic Service

Never a worry we arrive at your function early to allow for setup and equipment testing. We give you what you want prompt service and courtesy to our clients and their guest. DJ Cousin Bruce is a professional and works as such there never is alcohol consumption on the job. We are here to perform at the peak for your enjoyment not party with your guests.

Request are always welcome .Sometimes but rarely we might not have a really obscure number but we will sub it as best we can. If there are a flood of request we will then dedicate an era or a special set depending on the time frame.

Nice People

Yes we have been told this and we continue to extend every courtesy we can to make it a 100% enjoyable moment to remember.

We will go that extra mile for your future business by making your event a success!!!

Whats Left to do?......
Hire the DJ

If you like what you are reading contact us for your upcoming function or engagement. We will be happy to discuss your needs to make your event GREAT! No matter how big or small ALWAYS a successful endeavor.

So get your email to me today!